Why is disposable vinyl glove price coming down all the time?

I think main reason is in the relationship between supply and demand. That is buyer and seller changed. Customers are buyers Most of customers cancelled orders after Chinese New Year, especially USA customers are the summit.In 2019, 70% vinyl gloves orders are placed by USA customers. More and more importers, distributors and dealers are starting […]

Should You Be Wearing Disposable Gloves During COVID-19?

If you’re getting tired of the constant handwashing (and maybe even dealing with dry skin from all that soap and hot water) to protect yourself from the coronavirus, you may wonder if you could get the same protection by wearing disposable gloves. After checking the CDC guidelines and consulting two infectious-disease experts, we can confidently tell you: Don’t worry about it. The […]

Where to buy disposable gloves in the internet?

Where to buy disposable gloves in the internet? Absolutely,you can buy it in Amazon. Beside it, there are many good onlineshops to recommed for you.1.United StatesA.Gloves-Online is your premier international internet site for information about gloves, and the glove industry.GO Gloves, which the company is commonly called today, was the very first web portal in the […]

Some famous distributors of disposable gloves

Nova green is the leading provider of smart, sustainable solutions for catering and food manufacturing industries,driving increased Productivity, Food Safety and Infection prevention through the integration of new technology-enabled services and systems,ultimately enhancing our customers end user experience. Our products are designed to meet the food manufacturing industry standards like HACCP, ISO22000 & BRC.Santex exclusively imports […]