Benefits of Disposable Poly Gloves

Jacky Chan, 2021-08-25

Poly gloves have several key benefits, including:

disposable poly glove

Affordable: Poly gloves are among the most economical choices for disposable food service gloves and other applications. Affordability makes them ideal for when you need light protection but frequent changes such as when you are switching between handling different foods.

Breathability: Disposable poly gloves offer superior comfort due to their breathability. This feature can help keep hands dry and comfortable by reducing sweating.

Ease of Wear: A looser fit makes these gloves easy to take off and put on. This is an essential feature in settings where gloves must be changed quickly. For example, a restaurant cook who needs to change gloves in between different food orders during peak dining time.

Powder Free: Disposable poly gloves are powder free so there is no mess or risk of skin or breathing irritation due to fine powder that can be found on powdered glove types.

Latex Free: While latex gloves have a variety of advantages, many people have or can develop an allergy to them. Poly gloves are 100% latex free and pose a very low risk of allergic reaction.

Non-Leaching: Polyethylene is non-leaching, meaning it will not shed chemicals. This makes them ideal for handling food for prep and service.

Touch Sensitivity: Poly gloves are among the thinnest gloves available and this gives them the advantage of allowing for greater touch sensitivity and dexterity. This is an important feature for when you need to handle small items or perform delicate food prep work.

Poly gloves offer a light level of protection that is best suited for environments where there is a low risk of contamination from blood borne pathogens and contaminants. Use these to handle items like raw meat in food prep, for light cleaning, and more.

Disposable poly gloves come in several sizes and provide a looser fit. This fit makes them ideal for food service prep where keeping the hands cool and dry is a priority. Choose from Buy Gloves selection of disposable poly gloves in small and large sizes.

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