Disposable nitrile glove and latex glove factories location

Main manufacturers of nitrile glove and latex glove are located in Thailand and Malaysia. Obviously, their cost price is cheaper than Chinese manufacturers’ because of rubber trees are widely planted in these Southeast Asia countries.

Some famous brands are “Ammex”,”SuperMax”and”Topglove”. Ammex develop fastest in recent years. Their nitrile glove is sold very well in the world. You can find Ammex brand in supermarket, online-shop.Amazon and hospital. Supermax take their attention on European and American market. They have established sales offices in UK, USA and Brazil.They mainly do business with local distributions and have a good relationship with them. Their latex glove are sold better than nitrile glove. Topglove are biggest glove factory in 1990s. They have vinyl glove manufacturing plant in China beside nitrile glove and latex glove factory in Malaysia. Their main market is USA and export 90% disposable gloves to USA. Vinyl glove, nitrile glove and latex glove are all sold well in USA.

In China, there are also some latex glove and nitrile glove factories. However, their output is less than the above factories and price is higher. So Chinese manufacturers focus on making different colors and application nitrile glove and latex glove. For example, latex surgical glove, orange or black nitrile glove.

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