How to manufacture disposable gloves?

Jacky Chan,Dec.13, 2020

How to manufacture disposable gloves?

I have worked in the disposable vinyl glove factory around 12 years since 2008. So I was familiar in this field. Now let me show you how to produce disposable vinyl gloves in the factory.

1.Disposable vinyl glove
In short, its process is pvc raw materials are heated on the glove moulds to plastify. The following picture is its working flow chart.

2.Disposable nitrile/latex glove
It is different from vinyl glove at clearing glove moulds process. First, glove moulds are put in lye solution. Second, washed with hot water and dipped in coagulator. After it is dry, glove moulds are transferred into nitrile rubber sink. At last, heating and cooling is same as vinyl glove process. When gloves come off from molds, we will use chlorine water to wash molds. Then it is back to the beginning. You can watch the following video.

3.Disposable pe glove
The process is wholly different from vinyl/nitrile/latex gloves. Its material is HDPE/LDPE/TPE particle. The particle is melted to make a thin-film by blowing machine. Then thin films are cut down by glove molds. The machine is simple, not like with other gloves line.
Vinyl glove production line

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